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This Grand Theft Auto 5 next-gen Easter egg sure is a trip

Nobody calls me chicken.

Grand Theft Auto 5's next-gen port came out today in North America and already people have started uncovering some of its hidden new additions. Without a doubt the most zany of which lets you transform into various animals. Well, sort of.

Technically, you're hallucinating as animals since this species-transformation is triggered by eating peyote. YouTuber NoahJ456 has a guide to where you can find one of 27 new peyote plants added to the game. Each time you imbibe the stuff, at least as Franklin, you start thinking you're an animal and are even given new controls for that creature.

The most interesting wildlife unlocked so far is the seagull, with its ability to fly around and poop on things. YouTuber taltigoat has a similar video where Franklin believes he's a chicken and is nonplussed about it. Unlike the seagull, the chicken can't fly, but can only run - like in a certain Aardman Animations film from 2000.

Cover image for YouTube videoGTA 5 - "PLAY AS A SEAGULL" - Easter Egg Tutorial Guide (Peyote Locations) (GTA V Next Gen PS4)
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