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Latest Destiny update unintentionally nerfs exotic weapons

Bungie says it's working on a fix.

Destiny fans may have noticed that certain exotic weapons have been nerfed in the latest 1.03 update. While Bungie is planning to rebalance its exotic weapons, the changes made earlier weren't part of the plan.

Thorn: 'It's a boat anchor,' according to user slimdeathstar.

"If you're noticing Exotics behaving differently, the changes are unintentional," the developer stated on Twitter. "The Weekly Update will cover incoming Exotic tuning."

Bungie community manager DeeJ asked users to report all issues with this in the following thread. "Thank you, and sorry for the frustration this will cause," he apologised.

Here are the sorts of problems players have run into since the update went live:

"Plan C slow as a snail to charge now even with increased charge," said user R3KT By Un Fgt.

"Ice Breaker crits are weaker. Yesterday crits that were one hit kills now are two-three hits," pointed out radioavon.

"Try the Thorn now! It's a boat anchor. Six rounds and I die spending I don't know an hour reloading," lamented slimdeathstar.

"Antheons epilogue seems nerfed. Fully upgraded was doing 100 per hit on Venus fallen yesterday, now doing 78. As this is a raid gun, please fix!!" pleaded Big Pagong.

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