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Train Simulator dev releases fishing sim on Steam Early Access

Looks like a gill-ty pleasure.

Train Simulator developer Dovetail Games has announced the release of its new angling simulator, Dovetail Games Fishing.

You can pick up the game's work-in-progress version now via Steam Early Access, priced £4.99.

But instead of focusing on the actual capture of aquatic animals, Dovetail Games Fishing devotes its modes to teaching you how to casting and reeling.

"Our second phase of Early Access, coming later this year, will introduce fish AI that very closely mirrors the real thing," director Darren Potter explained.

"We took the decision to only feature simple practice fish in our initial release due to the importance of casting to the sport. Rather than muddy the initial game experience and player feedback with distractions, we wanted to make sure we had designed casting in an intuitive and engaging way that rewards player skill."

Included in the initial release are the tools you'll need to track down, attract and land your underwater prey, while enjoying your idyllic Unreal Engine 4-created surroundings.

The full version is set to arrive in 2015 both for PC and "other platforms".

See how it looks in the new screenshots below.

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