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Dovetail Games Fishing gets a new name and release date

Yes this scampi happening.

There's a time and a plaice for a story like this, and that's Friday afternoon. Dovetail Games has renamed Dovetail Games Fishing to Dovetail Games Euro Fishing, and given it a release plate sorry date of 22nd October.

"The game has been renamed as the locations, the fish types, the fishing techniques and the equipment are all synonymous with European fishing," a spokesperson explained - and because all Europeans smell of fish. No they don't, I wrote that for the halibut.

It's coming out on Steam for PC, and maybe Mackeral and Line-hooks? Let's hope it's not pay-to-swim!

Dovetail Games is the studio behind Train Simulator, although obviously fish are not trains except eels, which have potential. Anyway, the idea is to simulate fishing realistically. The game cast off last November in Early Access but was reeled in from sale ahead of final release. The game will also come to Xbox One courtesy of the ID@Xbox programme.

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