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David Cameron has visited the maker of Train Simulator

That'll get the economy back on track.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has toured the offices of Dovetail Games, the developer behind Train Simulator.

While at the studio, Cameron was shown Train Simulator 2015, relaxing angler-athon Dovetail Games Fishing and Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

The trip to Dovetail's Kent-based headquarters was tied into the announcement of a new government scheme, Help to Grow.

The new initiative is designed to help grow small UK businesses into medium-sized ones by securing extra financial support.

"Businesses like Dovetail Games are a crucial part of our long term economic plan for the country," Cameron commented, "and it is thrilling to come and see the role they are playing in Britain's economic recovery.

"Here is a business that six years ago employed eight people and now employs 98. It is growing by about a third every year and wants to stay right here in Medway and continue its expansion and success."

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