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Sherlock Holmes adventure Crimes & Punishments is due in "early September"

Now confirmed for Xbox One.

Frogwares' latest Sherlock Holmes adventure, Crimes & Punishments, is now slated for an "early September" release, publisher Focus Home Interactive has announced.

It's also just been confirmed for an Xbox One release in addition to already revealed platforms PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Taking some cues from LA Noire, Crimes & Punishments will give players a list of several suspects for each case and it's be up to you to determine the guilty party. From there, you'll have to decide their punishment. Remember, Sherlock Holmes is a private eye and not an official law enforcer.

Crimes & Punishments marks the first time Frogwares has made a Sherlock game in Unreal Engine 3. Perhaps a bit behind the times given Unreal Engine 4's all the rage these days, but maybe that just gives the series a scrappy Victorian charm.

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