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The Evil Within footage is pure next-gen Mikami

And more videos from Outside Xbox.

Greetings, Eurogamer friends! This week at Outside Xbox we asked if death is the end, really.

We're rarely given to metaphysics but the death of Xbox One's mandatory Kinect bundling had us wondering if it's all over for Kinect. What's more, does the unbundling of the divisive camera peripheral kill the chances of virtual reality on Xbox?

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Murdered: Soul Suspect takes the view that death is far from the end, but only the beginning of your career as an avenging ghost detective. Show of the Week evaluates this thesis, with reference to a rich history of game protagonists bumped off in the opening minutes.

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The Evil Within, on the other hand, holds that no-one ever really dies, unless they are shot in the face with a crossbow and has their corpse incinerated. Take a peek at the ever-living monsters in Shinji Mikami's next-gen survival horror below. It's glorious fan service for genre aficionados longing for the days of save rooms, scarce ammo and old-school gory weirdness.

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That will be all, Eurogamers, thanks for watching. Send your comments, questions and proof of the afterlife our way, and for more videos visit us at

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