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The Evil Within: The Assignment DLC release date

We don't Kidman.

The Evil Within will be expanded with The Assignment, the first of two DLC episodes, from 10th March in the UK.

That date applies to the DLC's release on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 3 and PS4 in North America.

In the UK, PS3 and PS4 versions arrive on 11th March instead.

The Assignment stars detective Juli Kidman in a concurrent story that wraps up questions from the main game, including those surrounding the mysterious Mobius group.

It all sounds a little like the interwoven Ada campaign for Resident Evil 4, another title from survival horror master Shinji Mikami.

A second slice of Evil Within DLC, The Consequence, will bring the new storyline to a conclusion "later this spring", before a third DLC, The Executioner, where you get to play bad guy The Keeper.

All add-ons are available as part of a £14.99 season pass, or can be bought for £6.99 separately.

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