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Steam adds option to remotely stream games locally

Access your desktop from your laptop, like a boss.

Valve's latest addition to Steam allows players to stream games from one computer to another on the same network.

Dubbed In-Home Streaming, this new feature allows you to install, launch and play games on your high end gaming rig from a different device elsewhere in the house. Keyboard, mouse, and controller inputs are automatically sent back to the remote computer.

This feature has cross-platform support too, so you can access your PC games from a separate Mac or Linux-based laptop, for example.

One of the advantages of this is less shuffling hardware around. If your gaming rig is set up in an office or bedroom and you want to connect it to your big screen living room TV, you'll no longer have to haul a hefty tower around, but can instead simply hook your TV up to a crummy old laptop and use that as a conduit to access your premium hardware from afar. Neat!

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