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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Video: Watch Dogs' mad Digital Trip mini-games revealed

Carmageddon-style driving, psychedelic jumping, robot spiders and more.

If you've read our freshly published Watch Dogs review then you'll know the game is another huge Ubisoft open-world adventure which, as usual, has been stuffed to the rafters with things to see and do.

Take some time away from Watch Dogs' main campaign and you're able to relax playing chess or poker, for example - but visit a certain back alley and you can be sold more illicit and mind-bending alternatives.

Eurogamer's YouTube editor has taken all four of the game's Digital Trips for a spin and reported back with details on which mind-altering mini-game you should sample first.

Each video links through to the rest, should you want to chain your poisons together, or we've served up all four individually below for you to taste-test at your leisure.

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