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Nintendo reveals Skylanders-style figurine platform for Wii U, 3DS

To Infinity and beyond.

Nintendo is readying its own range of Skylanders and Disney Infinity-style NFC figurines.

The Nintendo Figurine Platform (NFP) will roll out later this year for Wii U and let you bring collectible toy versions of Mario and other favourites into a range of games.

The figurines themselves will be able to store data, too, so you can level up your character and save customisation data directly to it.

NFP will then roll out for 3DS in the first half of next year and use a special NFC reader accessory (the Wii U GamePad has this feature built in).

"What is especially unique about NFP is that it is not classed as an accessory product of a certain software title but as a platform itself," Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata explained last night in a briefing for company investors.

"In other words, the figurines, which consumers can buy and collect, are going to work with multiple software titles to be released in the future, and we are aiming to develop more software titles compatible with the figurines."

Nintendo will announce which games will be NFP-compatible at E3 this year, show off the first range of toys and divulge more information.

Our money would be on Smash Bros. for Wii U, due out late this year around the same time as the NFP, to be the first title to make use of it in some way.

Another benefit of the new figurines will be their physical presence on shop shelves - something which Nintendo hopes will aid in brand awareness and increase the likelihood you'll want to go home and play a Nintendo game.

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