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Kentucky Route Zero keeps on truckin' with Act 3 available now

Surreal bluegrass adventure is currently on sale.

Stylish southern adventure Kentucky Route Zero has received its third episode this week.

Developed by Cardboard Computer, Kentucky Route Zero launched its pilot to critical acclaim in January 2013 and it still has two more acts to go before it wraps up its five-episode story arch. Since the episodic series is purchased as a single entity, Episode 3 has simply been added as an update.

The surreal series follows the exploits of a delivery truck driver looking for an address that may or may not exist that requires him to find the titular highway, which also may or may not exist. It's an eerie premise for an eerie game, one that constantly reconfigures your expectations as its lonely, dream-like atmosphere whisks you off into the night.

It's certainly a visually striking affair, which makes it little wonder that it won the IGF for Excellence in Visual Arts in 2013.

Kentucky Route Zero enthusiasts will want to be sure to catch its experimental spin-off, Limits & Demonstrations, a virtual tour of a modern art museum that fleshes out the series' mythos in a somewhat obfuscated way.

Newcomers to the series will be happy to hear that Kentucky Route Zero is on sale until 13th May on Steam, GoG, the developer's website, and the Humble Store with its usual price of £18.99 marked down to £14.24.

For more information on Kentucky Route Zero, Eurogamer's right-hand man Dan Whitehead interviewed its developers about its ambitious series.

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