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Free Kentucky Route Zero spin-off Limits & Demonstrations is available now

An interactive Lula Chamberlain Retrospective. Wait, who?

Kentucky Route Zero developer Cardboard Computer has released a free mini-game, Limits & Demonstrations, that at least tangentially ties into the studio's bluegrass indie series.

Described as a "Lula Chamberlain Retrospective," the game puts you in the role of a gal named Emily and her two pals Bob and Ben as they, well, look at art. The whole thing is set in a single art museum exhibition detailing the fictitious Chamberlain's work which evidently "comprises a diagonal slice through time, space and form." Of course it does.

There's no plot so to speak, but Emily's conversations and interactions with the art reveal new avenues of the strange Kentucky Route Zero mythos, even if it's a bit early to slot the pieces together with Episode 2 still on the way.

There is some connection though. Aside from the character design, art style, and UI resembling that of Cardboard Computer's episodic surrealist series, the pause menu actually says "Kentucky Route Zero" at the top and the mythical highway, the Zero itself, is mentioned at least once.

If you've not played Kentucky Route Zero, Limits & Demonstrations won't make a lick of sense to you. If you have played Kentucky Route Zero, Limits & Demonstrations still won't make much sense, but it will give you more tantalising nuggets of information to keep in the back of your mind until future episodes are released throughout the year.

Limits & Demonstrations can be downloaded here for PC, Mac and Linux.

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