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PS4 gets Sky Go and Now TV from this summer

UPDATE: Sky says Now TV still coming to Xbox One.

UPDATE: Sky has told Eurogamer the Now TV app is still coming to Xbox One - and it will do so "by summer".

"We enjoy a long track-record of innovating with Microsoft and look forward to the launch of Now TV on Xbox One by summer," a spokesperson said.

"We will announce the more details on the Now TV app for Xbox One nearer to the time of launch in the summer this year."

But what of Sky Go?

"Looking ahead, we will also consider any future opportunities for Sky Go," the spokesperson added.

ORIGINAL STORY: PlayStation 4 receives Sky Go and Now TV from this summer, Sky has announced.

The deal between Sky and Sony means PS4 owners can watch Now TV on their PS4 from this summer. Sky Go will be available later this year, Sky said.

Now TV customers can use PS4 to watch content as part of their subscriptions. Sky TV customers can watch TV from Sky Go on PlayStation 3 or PS4 for the first time. Now TV support was added to the PS3 last year.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara said: "Now TV has been a great addition to the PlayStation 3 entertainment portfolio, so bringing it to the new PS4 is going to delight all users of the newest, most powerful member of the PlayStation family.

"Sky Go joining both PlayStation platforms further enhances our credentials as the ultimate gaming and entertainment package."

Sky Go is the service that lets Sky customers watch live and on demand content in line with their subscription at no extra cost on a variety of devices. Now TV is a contract-free internet streaming service for Sky Movies, Sky Sports and shows on the likes of Sky Atlantic. When it comes to Sky Sports, for example, you can pay a one-off fee of £9.99 to gain access to those channels for a 24 hour period.

There was no mention of Xbox One in today's announcement. Back in November Sky told Eurogamer that Now TV would be made available on Xbox One in the summer of 2014.

When Microsoft published its list of Xbox One entertainment apps many noticed there was no mention of a Sky Go app, formerly the Sky Player, which is currently available on Xbox 360.