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Vanishing of Ethan Carter release date and console talk

A no-brainer for PS4 and Xbox One if it "resonates" on PC.

Weird fiction horror game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter will be released roughly four months from now, creator Adrian Chmielarz has told me.

"We are going to have probably the worst possible release date, which is the middle of summer..." he groaned, speaking to me at Polish conference Digital Dragons. "It's hot and it's summer - do you really want to play a game about autumn?"

It's a PC game for the time being, but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are definitely on the cards.

"It would be idiotic not to, to be honest," he said. "Maybe that's too strong of a word but you know what I mean, right? If the game resonates with people... that's easily going to be the first thing we do."

He's talked to Microsoft and Sony about doing it already. "Yeah yeah yeah," he confirmed. "Initially Sony was just f***ing amazing. I know it's their business - they smile because they want to make business - [but] I don't give a f***! I'm just happy that they're smiling. They were talking to us and they were very responsive and we got the kits and it's like... it's unbelievable.

"Microsoft was a little bit quiet," he added, "but it's changed lately. Microsoft got this big wakeup call I think. We are on good terms with both sides."

He hasn't accepted PS4 and Xbox One development kits for his studio The Astronauts because he doesn't want them gathering dust, and Microsoft and Sony wondering what's going on. "When we're done with Ethan, trust us, we'll bug [them] for one."

It was very different a few years ago when it cost thousands of Euros just to get a PS3 or Xbox 360 development kit, he said. "Right now they give you one or two because they want you to make a game on their platform, and that's just great.

"The only thing that needs to happen," he added, "is Microsoft has to drop the whole... you have to be first on their console."

That's in reference to Microsoft's controversial parity clause, which has already put off a number of indie developers from self-publishing through the ID@Xbox program. Microsoft prefers games to launch on Xbox One at the same time as other platforms, including PC and PlayStation consoles.

But, yes, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on console could absolutely be a thing. And a good thing, given what we saw of the game recently. Look out for our preview soon.