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Total War: Rome 2 Pirates and Raiders DLC announced

UPDATE: And released, today.

UPDATE 30/05 12PM BST: It's out now. This guy's in it:

"Surprise! No reins!"
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ORIGINAL STORY 22/05 3PM BST: There's a new Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack coming to Total War: Rome 2 that apparently adds the first playable Thracian and Dacian factions to the game, Creative Assembly told Eurogamer at an event today.

Oh they're absolutely thrilled.

Those factions are clustered in the Balkan area of Europe, and they are the Ardiaei, the Odrysian Kingdom and Tylis. They've got their own new battlefield units, new naval units and new cultural traits.

But best of all - what makes them so brilliant - is the more they're at war, the happier their people will be! Don't bother micro-managing settlements and lowering taxes - start a war!

That Pirates and Raiders pack will cost £5.99, and it's coming out "within the next few weeks", we were told.

Alongside the Pirates and Raiders pack will be a free content drop - "free-LC", as CA called it. This brings one new playable Balkan faction, the Getae, plus a new historical battle, the Battle of Pydna.

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