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Hyper Light Drifter dev announces four-player brawler Kyoto Wild

Respawn as foes with different weapon sets.

Hyper Light Drifter developer and Shove Pro creator Teddy Diefenbach has announced his new side-project: a four-player isometric brawler called Kyoto Wild.

Weapons will consist of swords, knives, rakes, a paper fan, and more.

The idea is that two-to-four players face off in single-screen arenas until the last man standing exits to another stage. Here, the other three players re-enter the fray as various enemies, each with their own weaponry. Killing an opponent requires only a single hit.

"The main thing about Kyoto Wild is that you travel around the town mid-fight, and control new characters each time you die," Diefenbach explained to Eurogamer. "And there are a big variety of weapons - I call it a 'weapon brawler' to that effect. Each character fights with what they're using when you encounter them, whether that be a sword or something non-traditional like a rake. But you'll also find other weapons in the environment."

"Each weapon controls differently, and characters largely control the same outside of that," he added. "You can carry a few weapons at a time. You can either attack with your main weapon or throw it as a projectile. When you throw a weapon, you equip the next weapon you're carrying as a backup, so there's sort of an economy of weapons to the game."

When I likened Kyoto Wild to Samurai Gunn, Diefenback said that the exploratory aspect of the interlinking stages would give it a distinct quality, but he remained cagey on exactly how that would work. "There will be secrets in the environment," he said. "I'll talk more extensively about that later on, since it's something I'm developing."

Diefenbach was quick to clarify that he's not leaving Hyper Light Drifter developer Heart Machine, but rather Kyoto Wild is his side project that he's been devoting 10-20 hours a week on. He decided to announce it now as the project is really starting to come together.