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Watch how fast the Wii U loads with its new quick start menu

Coming "before or during" summer.

Nintendo has published a video showing off the Wii U's upcoming quick start menu feature, which is due to be added in a future system update.

The option will slash the time taken to boot the console and load a piece of software by presenting you with a list of recently-used apps and games. From this menu you can then pick the option you want and select it directly, skipping the console's home screen.

"The integration of this feature is almost complete, and this is how it will actually work on the Wii U system," Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata revealed during last night's investor presentation. "We will deliver this update to Wii U owners when we update the Wii U hardware either before or during summer."

A separate report has indicated that the Wii U's regular system boot procedure will also see a speed up. Industry analyst David Gibson (present at the investor Q&A following the presentation) relayed the news via Twitter that the console would soon load "20 seconds" faster.

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