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Don't snog your arm, play Realistic Kissing Simulator

It'll teach you absolutely nothing, but you'll laugh.

"Whoops I'm licking underneath their chin!" "Oh no I've slurped my own eyeball!"

How many times have you said that to yourself over the years? Too many! God! Wasn't learning how to kiss simply awful?

Thank Friday, then, for free browser game Realistic Kissing Simulator, and to Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmidt who made it. And thank Friday also for PCGamesN and Indie Statik that spotted it.

Thank Friday most of all, however, for Realistic Kissing Simulator being anything but serious and anything but educational. Finally, thank Friday for it being silly old fun. Have a nice weekend!

I played by myself.
It was like snogging my own arm.
I wasn't very good.