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Tales From the Borderlands reveals first details, screens

Loot will transfer to other games in the series.

The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us developer Telltale Games has revealed the first details about its upcoming Borderlands spin-off, Tales from the Borderlands.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, this episodic adventure series is set after Borderlands 2 and will have players switching off between two roles: the Hyperion company man Rhys, and con artist Fiona. It will play like other recent Telltale adventures with an emphasis on making choices over puzzles or action.

So why turn Borderlands - a game seemingly about shooting stuff - into a narrative-based adventure game? "If you pause to take a breath between shooting everything in sight and stealing your buddies' loot in multiplayer, you'll know that Borderlands features some amazing characters and stories in a world that's rich in dark humour," explained Telltale producer Adam Sarasohn. "We (Telltale) are all about compelling characters and stories, and we see an amazing opportunity to build on what Gearbox has created."

"The main Borderlands games and the DLC have only scratched the surface; they've built a world that rivals Star Wars in its richness," he added. "That sounds like crazy hyperbole, but the details, the characters, and the history are all there. You just haven't seen it all yet."

Sarahsohn also noted that the loot you acquire in Tales will carry over to other areas of the Borderlands franchise.

Now check out Tales from the Borderlands' first in-game screenshots below.