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Gearbox making new Tales from the Borderlands, out this year

Jack in.

Telltale Games' brilliant Tales from the Borderlands is getting a sequel of sorts, courtesy of Borderlands' main developer Gearbox.

The new Tales game will launch this year and feature a fresh cast of characters, Gearbox's colourful CEO Randy Pitchford announced on stage at PAX East last night.

In development for "many" years, the project has been worked on in-house at Gearbox after the developer saw the critical success of the original Tales - and after Telltale itself sadly closed down.

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Pitchford concluded by saying the game would get a proper reveal this summer.

"We really love that format as a way to create characters, create new stories and explore all that differently than what's possible in the looter shooter games," Pitchford said.

"This time we're doing it to imagine all-new characters, all-new stories from the Borderlands," he continued, while emphasising that it would keep the the original's "interactive fiction" gameplay style.

Last year, the original Tales from the Borderlands finally returned to digital game stores after several years, following Telltale's demise.

"Both witty and touching, Tales of the Borderlands sees Telltale at its very best," we wrote in Eurogamer's Tales from the Borderlands review.

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