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Arma 3 sales pass the 1m mark

Combined with DayZ sales, that's a nice Czech.

Czech developer Bohemia has more to celebrate than just DayZ: military war simulation Arma 3 has passed 1m sales.

Company boss Marek Spanel announced the milestone on Twitter last night.

By comparison, DayZ sales crossed the 2m mark in early May.

The success of both games - particularly DayZ - has meant growth and expansion for the old Czech studio. But life wasn't always like this, Marek Spanel told me in February when I visited Bohemia to hear his story.

Future plans for Arma 3 include a major expansion as well as helicopter and marksmen add-ons. Bohemia also has good ideas surrounding how people without paid DLC will be able to play with people who do - a kind of try-before-you-buy system. Plans do not, however, extend to a console version of Arma 3.

We reviewed Arma 3 at the end of March and called it a "darned impressive package".

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