Arma 3

Now with its campaign fully in place, Arma 3 is a spectacular and fiendishly challenging military simulator in both solo and multiplayer.


Key events

Arma 3 expansion Laws of War is about defusing mines

Portion of proceeds go to the Red Cross.

Arma dev Bohemia reveals early access platform and two new games

One's a bit like Minecraft, the other a competitive multiplayer take on Arma 3.

Massive Arma 3 expansion Apex launches today

A whole new South Pacific playground.

Arma 3 expansion adds South Pacific archipelago in first-half 2016

Loads more everything in a very pretty new area.

Watch this AT-AT mod invade Arma 3

While you wait for Star Wars: Battlefront...

Bohemia details Arma 3 'how to play' Bootcamp update

Bespoke new sandbox training modes.

Arma 3 sales pass the 1m mark

Combined with DayZ sales, that's a nice Czech.

Arma 3 DLC plan includes helicopters, marksmen

And a major sandbox expansion due in 2015.

FeatureBohemia's war: the story of the company behind Arma and DayZ

From Operation Flashpoint to a Greek prison and back again.

Arma 3 Zeus DLC is out now

Be a god with a real-time editor while others play.

RecommendedArma 3 review

Combined arms.

Bohemia rules out consoles for Arma 3

"[But] for something that is next..."

Arma 3 introducing D&D-style Game Master tools

Wield a powerful-looking editor and mix it up in real-time.

Arma 3's campaign continues on 21st January

New sandbox items available next week.

Games should honour the "rules of conflict" says Red Cross

Bohemia Interactive rises to the challenge.

FeatureFirst contact with Arma 3

As Bohemia waits to roll out the campaign, Paul Dean looks at what's there ahead of the review.

Arma 3 campaign delayed due to development "difficulties"

UPDATE: Arma 3 release date finally named.

Arma 3 developer Bohemia hacked

Change your password.

Arma 3 beta released

20 km˛ of island to explore.

Arma 3's alpha to roll out next week, free version due the week after

Four missions, modding support and a 20km˛ island to explore.

Arma 3 to be Steam-exclusive, Bohemia Interactive announces

Studio regrouping after "difficult phase" due to Greek arrests.

Martin Pezlar: "Now I finally believe we are free"

Bailed ArmA devs arrive home to emotional scenes.

DayZ creator Dean Hall feels "huge relief" as jailed ArmA 3 devs are finally given bail

"It's going to be very emotional for everyone when they are home."

Jailed ArmA 3 devs send letter from prison as Czech protests escalate

Devs from Warhorse, 2K Czech and Bohemia Interactive join forces.

Czech president appeals to Greek leader over jailed ArmA 3 devs

Hopes the "unfortunate affair" will not have to disrupt relations.

After 70 days awaiting trial, jailed ArmA 3 devs refused bail

Conditions worsen as appeal denied, espionage charges loom.

Get ArmA 3 devs home: Bohemia Interactive wants your help

Hopes ArmA, DayZ fans will answer the call.

Detained ArmA 3 devs speak: "the conditions are tough"

"It is all a completely absurd misunderstanding."

ArmA dev confirms: staff arrested, accused of spying by Greek authorities

UPDATE: Bohemia claims staff were on holiday, not on a research mission for ArmA 3.

VideoArmA 3 E3 Vehicle Showcase has goats

Oh, and loads of improvements.

VideoArmA 3 E3 Night Ops Showcase

Here's a muzzle flash for you!

VideoNew ArmA 3 footage previews latest build

Driving! Shooting! Weapons! Night!

New Arma 3 footage reveals alpha test setting

Stratis-pheric excitement builds.

PC exclusive Arma 3 delayed

UPDATE: Bohemia Interactive responds.

Ofcom slaps ITV over Arma 2 Gaddafi gaffe

A "significant breach of audience trust".

ArmA dev: ITV blunder won't boost sales

No plans for Arma 3 Gaddafi level.

VideoArma 3 Gamescom presentation video

Shows disguises, underwater and more.

Exclusive new Arma 3 screenshots

Military sim shows off graphical might.

Stunning new Arma 3 screenshots

PC exclusive shooter looking high-calibre.

VideoArma 3 teaser footage tools up

Military sim drops the bomb.