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Watch this AT-AT mod invade Arma 3

While you wait for Star Wars: Battlefront...

Star Wars: Battlefront comes out in November, but you can get a taste of the action a little sooner via this new Arma 3 mod.

The add-on brings support for AT-AT vehicles into Bohemia's shooter, complete with laser cannons.

See the iconic four-legged vehicle take to the battlefield in the footage below, provided by mod maker McRuppertle.

Sadly, though the footage is new, the mod itself is an old project which McRupppertle has since abandoned.

"This is an old Mod project I made over a year ago and never finished," he wrote. "I wanted to share some impressions of the first in-game test.

"This Walker was never finished and was just a test! The walk animations are very poor but it does the job. I don't think I will ever finish so enjoy the video hope you guys like it."

The video shows the AT-AT take down an enemy helicopter with ease, but then find out that it's not indestructible itself:

Cover image for YouTube videoATAT Madness - Star Wars Imperial Walker Arma 3