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Arma 3 introducing D&D-style Game Master tools

Wield a powerful-looking editor and mix it up in real-time.

This could be brilliant: modern war sim Arma 3 will introduce Dungeons & Dragons-style Game Master tools that will let players change, in real-time, multiplayer battles.

Those who assume the role of Game Master will view the entire map from above, tracking players and using an editor to create off-the-cuff, dynamic missions for them. And by the look of it, the editor can do an awful lot.

The Zeus concept will work across all game types - and on player-created scenarios - but will be of particular importance in Zeus Game Master mode, where Game Masters will have complete freedom.

The tools will arrive for free in the second quarter of the year in the Zeus downloadable content.

Arma 3 is out now in multiplayer, sandbox form. A storied campaign will be added as downloadable content later.

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