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Arma 3 Zeus DLC is out now

Be a god with a real-time editor while others play.

The free downloadable Zeus content for Arma 3, which adds D&D Dungeon Master-style tools that you can play god with during live multiplayer games, has been released.

Game Masters view the battlefield from the sky, perhaps on a chariot of clouds like the Greek god Zeus that the DLC is named after. And yes, you can call down lightning - on goats if you like.

Game Masters have a powerful real-time editor at their disposal that can spawn units, erect structures, set objectives, change weather, music, etc. There's not a lot you can't do, and there's incredible potential for the Arma 3 multiplayer community once players get to grips with it.

This Saturday, 12th April, Bohemia will be demonstrating how it's done in a live Twitch stream at 6pm UK time.

Until then, you can watch Bohemia demonstrate live to Eurogamer exactly what the Game Master tools are capable of. Skip to 6:17 for the developer-narrated demonstration.

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