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Eerie stealth nightmare Tangiers sure is shaping up nicely

Latest trailer shows creepy characters and ominous vistas.

Surreal, mostly monochromatic stealth adventure Tangiers is looking better - and creepier - than ever in its latest trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoAnother look at the world of Tangiers...

Developed by the Bristol-based indie outlet Andalusian, Tangiers was a Kickstarter success last year after raising £42K. I spoke at length to its creative lead, Alex Harvey, in August about his nihilistic, avante garde approach to the stealth genre in which you explore an abstract shadowy world that morphs in relation to your behaviour. It has a lot of interesting ideas in it like items being collected captions that cling to the walls behind chatting characters.

"Within its oppressive, nihilistic setting, it promises the sort of endlessly replayable stealth experience genre fans have been yearning for," I wrote in my Tangiers preview. Based on the recent trailer, Andalusian's unsettling vision is looking as bleakly mysterious as ever.

Tangiers is currently slated for release this August on PC, Mac and Linux.