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Sonic Boom reveals jungle badger Sticks, the latest gang member

She's so outrageous and is totally in your face.

Sega has revealed the latest new character in the Sonic franchise with Sticks, the jungle badger, heading to Sonic Boom on Wii U and 3DS.

How long do you give it before Sticks goes back to her home planet?

Sticks was raised in the wilderness and wields a boomerang. Sega described her as "the most primal character in the Sonic universe" and noted that "she is a force of nature in every way." Clearly she's one outrageous badger and is totally in your face.

"Her wildness means that her social skills need plenty of work and she's not the most trusting individual," Sega said in its announcement of the new character. "Full of outrageous suspicions, Sticks' instincts often prove to be accurate. While the concepts of sharing, compassion and friendship are foreign to her, Sticks has a good heart and a genuine desire to get closer to her new friends, particularly Amy, who helps Sticks adapt to civilisation."

"She brings a quirky personality and perspective to the team dynamic, and we look forward to sharing this energetic and funny new character with the world," added Sonic brand's chief content officer Hiroyuki Miyazaki.

Sonic Boom is the final game in a three-part deal Sega made with Nintendo to deliver exclusive Sonic games to its platforms. The Wii U game is being developer by former Naughty Dog staff at Big Red Button, while Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time developer Sanzaru Games is handling the 3DS iteration. An animated series is also in the works that will debut later this year on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on CANAL J and GULLI in France.

Now listen to how Sticks will sound in her reveal trailer below.

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