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Americlap is the most intentionally stupid, monotonous game since Desert Bus

"Clap until you can clap no more." Clap for America, dammit!

Indie developer Chris Bulch set out to create the stupidest, most embarrassing game ever and he very well may have succeeded.

Encore! Encore! Don't be a commie!

Enter: Americlap - a game in which you keep an American flag raised by clapping into the mic. If your applause lowers in frequency the flag falls to the ground "because you hate freedom".

"It's short and stupid but I love getting people to embarrass themselves playing it," explained Bulch in an e-mail to Eurogamer. He also likened Americlap to "a patriotic Desert Bus" (Penn & Teller's joke of a game about driving on a highway in real time with nothing fun to encounter).

You wouldn't think a game like this would need an update, but you'd be wrong. Earlier this week Bulch altered its parameters so that it's harder to cheat by using speech. As a result, the flag's falling speed has been lowered.

Now go on, and give Americlap an applause. It set out to be the stupidest game in ages, and by golly it achieved it! That's the American dream!

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