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Persona 4 Golden is getting an animated TV series

In addition to the one Persona 4 already has.

The Vita coming-of-age RPG, Persona 4 Golden, is getting its own TV series in Japan.

Developed by A1-Pictures, Persona 4: The Golden Animation is due this July, according to the show's Japanese website (via Polygon).

This upcoming series' existence is rather surprising as Persona 4 already had an animated TV show based on it that aired from 2011-2012. There was even an abridged feature film-length version of it released in 2012 called Persona 4 The Animation: The Factor of Hope.

Sure, Golden added more content - and indeed the remake-exclusive addition Marie is featured prominently in the ads - but is it enough for a whole new series?

Persona 4: The Golden Animation already has a trailer, which you can watch through this link. A western release has not been confirmed, but we're following up with publisher Atlus to see if that's on the docket.

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