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Video: See moody exploration game Sunless Sea in action

It's headed to Greenlight, too.

Fallen London developer Failbetter Games has revealed a first proper glimpse of its exploration and survival project Sunless Sea. The team's also just announced the game's Greenlight campaign. It should be appearing in Early Access, via the Humble Bundle, this June.

After a successful stint on Kickstarter, Sunless Sea's looking fantastic in every sense of the word: a game about dread, vulnerability and horrible crab monsters that sees you picking your way across a mysterious subterranean ocean while trying not to go mad and eat your crew. We have all been there at some point.

"We want to combine the the sense of danger you get from roguelike games such as Don't Starve and FTL with the rich storytelling engine we've perfected in Fallen London," says Failbetter's CEO Alexis Kennedy. "So while the unexplored areas of the map will shuffle every time you play, there will always be deep and choice-filled stories to discover."

Sunless Sea should be in Early Access as of 17th June. Meanwhile, I spoke to Failbetter about their macabre milieu earlier this year. There is a better than average chance that I just spelled 'macabre' or 'milieu' incorrectly, by the bye. Sorry.

Check out the new footage below:

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