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How about Skyrim meets Banished meets Fable 3?

Northern Shadow combines first-person RPG with city building.

Well, this is ambitious: combining a first-person role-playing game with a city-building game with a kingdom management game. It's a bit like Skyrim meets Banished meets Fable 3. And it's called Northern Shadow, and it comes from... Turkey.

It's an indie game with big ideas, then, and it's on Steam Greenlight awaiting your vote. Apparently it's coming out in Early Access form in summer 2014 (if successful on Greenlight).

The trailer explains and shows the concept best. It starts with a lovely sequence of your character looking at settlement-planning map, placing houses and then looking out onto the actual settlement and those houses and structures rising out of the ground.

I've looked around but can't find much information on the developer. Whether there's any kind of track record to base a chance of 'can it deliver this' on remains to be seen.

Still, promising. Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Cover image for YouTube videoNorthern Shadow Trailer