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Take-Two suggests more Red Dead and BioShock games to come - report

CEO says 2K Marin is alive and handling BioShock going forward.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has called the Red Dead series a "permanent franchise," suggesting that more Rockstar westerns are on the way.

Red Dead Redemption.

This information was obtained by GameSpot upon listening to Zelnick's presentation at the Cowen and Company analyst conference. The CEO explained that Take-Two has launched a new successful franchise every year since 2007 and it would like to continue doing so with the goal of creating more long-lasting IPs.

"I pretty much know the ones that I can assure you are permanent," Zelnick said. "It's obvious that GTA is a permanent franchise as long as we keep delivering this incredible quality; it seems quite obvious that Red Dead is a permanent franchise, again with the same caveat, or Borderlands, for example, and NBA and others."

This suggest that not only will Red Dead be around for awhile, but it doesn't sound like Borderlands is going anywhere either. Granted that has the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC spin-off, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, on the way, along with Telltale's collaboration Tales from the Borderlands.

Zelnick also noted that the publisher has "very high hopes" for Evolve to become a franchise.

Furthermore, Zelnick confirmed that BioShock 2 developer, 2K Marin, will be handling the lost at sea series following BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games shedding the lion's share of its staff.

"We haven't given any colour on how you should think about it yet except we do believe it's beloved; we think it's important [and] certainly something that we're focused on; something 2K Marin will be responsible for shepherding going forward," Zelnick said.

This is an especially odd claim as 2K Marin supposedly went kaput last autumn following its release of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

"I think there's a lot of upside in that franchise," Zelnick said of BioShock. "It hasn't necessarily been realised yet." Zelnick also noted that the series has "been a profitable piece of business" with its latest iteration, BioShock Infinite, shifting 6.5 million copies.

Earlier this month Take-Two teased a new game by Rockstar coming between now and 31st March 2015. Could it be another Red Dead title?

We've reached out to Take-Two for further info on what's happening with Red Dead, BioShock and 2K Marin. So far none of these projects have been confirmed, but they sound likely, so try to act surprised if and when they happen.

BioShock 2.