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Swords & Soldiers HD dated for Wii U next week

Priced at €2.99 / $2.99.

Two Tribe's HD adaptation of Ronimo Games' 2D RTS, Swords & Soldiers, is slated for a 22nd May release on the Wii U eShop in both Europe and North America.

This snazzy console port will cost €2.99 / $2.99 and will be playable on the Gamepad with touchscreen controls, or on the TV with the Wii remote. There will also be a multiplayer mode that uses both the TV and Gamepad screens.

Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin was a fan of Ronimo's 2009 WiiWare release, which was later adapted to PC, Mac, PS3, 3DS, iOS and Android. "In bite-sized chunks Swords & Soldier is a riotous experience, bursting with the kind of visual character and creativity that typifies Behemoth's Castle Crashers on Xbox Live Arcade, while offering a rare sort of mechanical polish," he wrote in his Swords & Soldiers review. "Its deliberately restricted perspective is unlikely to sate the appetites of hardcore RTS fans, but the move to 2D acts as a concentration of the genre's charms, not a dilution."

Ronimo recently announced a full-fledged sequel to Swords & Soldiers, though little info is known about it yet.