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Swords & Soldiers 2 announced for Wii U

War gaming.

Side-scrolling strategy title Swords & Soldiers will get a sequel on Wii U, developer Ronimo has announced.

The original Swords & Soldiers was released on Wii back in 2009 to a positive reception - mostly for its smart 2D aesthetic and riotous amounts of action on screen at one time. 3DS, iOS, Mac, PC and PlayStation 3 versions followed.

"The move to 2D acts as a concentration of the genre's charms, not a dilution, and is perfectly suited to WiiWare," Simon Parkin wrote in Eurogamer's review. "Its vim, accessibility and choice of platform will no doubt do more than almost any other title in recent memory to expand the genre's fanbase."

There's little information on the sequel, save for the fact that it will be playable at the upcoming PAX East event in April (thanks, Kotaku). Take a sneak peak at the game's first teaser below.