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The Elder Scrolls Online's Craglorn update due this week

"I believe our next update is fairly on schedule."

The first major update for The Elder Scrolls Online will arrive later this week, developer Zenimax Online Studios has said.

Speaking with IGN, creative director Paul Sage explained that the long-awaited Craglorn expansion would be available to download this Thursday or Friday.

Craglorn was announced back in early April and its launch had been expected by now. But developer Zenimax Online Studios has kept been busy instead fixing game bugs and battling gold spammers.

"I believe our next update is fairly on schedule," Sage explained. "When we released we talked about our plans rather than 'this is exactly what it's going to be' - we're generally pretty careful about the language.

"I think any plan like that can be disrupted if something unforeseen happens. But right now we have the second update lined up and ready to go onto the PTS [Public Test Server] once we launch Craglorn, and that's coming soon. That'll be the Veteran Dungeon, Crypt of Hearts."

Zenimax recently confirmed that The Elder Scrolls Online's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions had been delayed by six months.

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