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Mirror's Edge leaping to iPhone

Nobody tell Tim.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA has announced that an iPhone version of Mirror's Edge will land sometime in January 2010.

Judging by the blurb and the first screenshots, the aim is to revive Faith's rooftop-leaping adventure of last year over 14 levels, rather than unravel a brand new story.

Visually EA appears to have done good, delivering a striking primary-colour palette in a 3D, side-scrolling platform world.

The fact EA is pressing on with the release also suggests it's confident in its ongoing trademark dispute with Tim Langdell's Edge Games. EA petitioned in September to have all Langdell's Edge trademarks thrown in the bin.

Edge Games recently denied that it was losing the fight over game-related "Edge" marks.

"Despite rumours to the contrary, Edge Games has either won every dispute in the past 20 years over the mark Edge or has settled amicably with the other party ending the dispute with an agreement in Edge Games' favour," it said.

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