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Edge by Mobigame turfed off App Store

Apple heeds Edge Games' call.

Tim Langdell's Edge Games has convinced Apple to remove Edge by Mobigame from the App Store for a second time.

A statement made by the company - and possibly Langdell himself - alleged that renaming EDGE to Edge by Mobigame "was determined not to get around infringement".

"Clearly, if Sony tried to use the mark 'iPod by Sony' they would hardly expect Apple not to take action to protect their mark iPod. In trademark law adding 'by (name)' to another company's registered trademark does not mean a company can use that trademark without being guilty of willful [sic] infringement," claimed Edge Games (posted by Develop).

"The fact is that [Mobigame co-founder] Papazian has had an offer on the table since May to settle this dispute by his changing the name of his game and paying Edge Games no money at all. He has repeatedly refused that very reasonable offer," the statement added.

Mobigame appeared to be getting the better of Langdell and claimed, in October, that his lawyers "had fled".

Earlier this month a handful of Mobigame's iPhone developer peers openly mocked Edge Games by including the word "edge" in their title, making light of the matter.

In this recent statement, however, Edge Games appears to be anything but on the back foot. Even EA's attempt to sever Langdell's hold over various trademarks is being challenged.

"Despite rumors [sic] to the contrary, Edge Games has either won every dispute in the past 20 years over the mark Edge or has settled amicably with the other party ending the dispute with an agreement in Edge Games' favour," the statement continued.

"That acknowledges and reaffirms Edge's ownership of the mark Edge."

Strangely, the statement goes on to distance Langdell from the painstaking defence of the treasured Edge trademark in recent years.

"[Langdell] serves as CEO of this corporation at the pleasure of the Edge Board. His actions are merely those the Board directs him to take," we're told.

Mobigame has been contacted for comment.

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