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Langdell loses his Edge trademarks

Must write to people he pursued to say so.

"Nuisance litigator" Timothy Langdell has been stripped of his 'edge', 'cutting edge' and 'gamer's edge' trademarks after a legal battle with EA.

Langdell will cover only his legal costs and pay no damages. However, he must write to all the companies he's brought legal action against over the years and tell them he no longer holds those edge trademarks.

And he must do so by Friday, reports GamesIndustry.biz.

Past victims could seek reparations for name-changes, halted development and legal costs incurred.

We've reached out to Edge Games for comment.

EA is nonplussed: "We're pleased that we've reached a settlement and can put this behind us," a spokesperson said in a statement.

"This settlement goes a long way in protecting the rights of independent developers."

David Papazian, CEO of Mobigame - a company whose Edge iPhone game was targeted by Langdell, predicted something like this would happen. Eurogamer was told that Langdell's initial loss to EA, in which a judge denied his injunction, was "just the beginning".

Seven months ago, Timothy Langdell's Edge Games told Eurogamer it was "completely confident" of a victory against EA in the courthouse. EA became involved when Mirror's Edge was targeted by Langdell's firm.

Incidentally, if you've had run-ins with Langdell and can now talk, then we urge you to come forward and do so.

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