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Edge Games "completely certain" of win

"When did EA become the good guys?"

Tim Langdell's Edge Games has told Eurogamer how "completely certain" it is of beating EA - and Mobigame - in court.

An unnamed spokesperson for the company talked of a "biased" press, and said EA "doesn't like the fact there is still one UK company older than itself that they have not yet destroyed".

"Yes, we are completely confident we will win," began the email. "Isn't it amazing how biased towards Electronic Arts the press is on this? When did EA suddenly become the good guys?

"Just before they filed their amended petition to cancel we filed our Motion for Summary Judgement, but their resubmission of their petition gets coverage and our Motion to have the entire issue go away gets no coverage. How could these people be more blatant in their bias in favour of EA?

"Yes, we are completely certain of winning in both the US and UK against EA/EA DICE and against [Mobigame] on the European CTM issue," the letter added. "We have asked Connect2Media to remove [Mobigame's] EDGE from mobile phones and are confident they will do so if they have not done so already."

Edge Games said it was "extremely likely" that EA's advances will be dismissed, because the US publishing giant has "no new detail that enables them to argue fraud", merely "trumped up" accusations of it. Edge Games believes EA will "lose the US action shortly".

"Bottom line," Edge went on to say, "we are the oldest remaining British game company, and one of the oldest remaining US game companies doesn't like the fact there is still one UK company older than itself that they have not yet destroyed. And they wont succeed. False rumours, misinformation and defamation never won any trademark case and it wont this time, either."

Check out our feature on the Edge Games controversy form last summer to catch up on both sides of the issue.

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