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EA wants all EDGE Games trademarks

Resubmits petition to bring Langdell down.

EA's legal team has resubmitted a petition to revoke Tim Langdell's hold on all EDGE trademarks.

"Pending cancellation" are "EDGE", "CUTTING EDGE", "GAMER'S EDGE" and "THE EDGE", according to the filing.

EA's lawyers alleged that "Registrant or its predecessor fraudulently obtained, maintained, and renewed the Subject Registrations".

Mirror's Edge was targeted by Langdell and EDGE Games for infringement of copyright in late 2008. EA said "Registrant continuously threatened to file suit".

Langdell and EDGE Games have notoriously and aggressively protected the EDGE trademark from videogame-related use. On the receiving end over the years have been Future Publishing for its well-respected EDGE magazine, and more recently Mobigame for its iPhone game EDGE (this has been well documented on Eurogamer).

EA's Mirror's Edge was also targeted, and so the publisher's legal squad were mobilised.

Those legal papers have a blow-by-blow account of what both sides have been submitting since the case began in November 2009.