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Edge developer celebrates as Tim Langdell trademark finally cancelled

Edge developer celebrates as Tim Langdell trademark finally cancelled

"We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll."

A California judge has cancelled Tim Langdell's hold over the Edge trademark, ending a long-running dispute over the name with iOS developer Mobigame, EA and others.

EA filed a Consolidated Petition for Cancellation that covered a number of Langdell-owned trademarks back in 2009. This week, finally, they were granted.

The court documents, dated 17th April, cancel Landell's rights to Edge, Cutting Edge, Gamer's Edge and The Edge, filed by him over a number of years.

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Out This Week - 12/08/11

Fruit Ninja Kinect! Resistance 3 beta! 3DS cheap!

This week sees two noteworthy iOS titles getting big-screen ports. Culinary slice 'em up Fruit Ninja becomes Fruit Ninja Kinect, while Mobigame's Edge teeters onto PC and Mac.

Mobigame slams Langdell, Edge

"Cynical attempt to generate sympathy."

Mobigame CEO David Papazian has responded via Eurogamer to the statement made last night by Edge Corp., the company run by Tim Langdell.

Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Dodo! Sneezies! Edge! Rush! Miasma!

Newsflash! Games are pretty good, aren't they? The fact that the BBC's Panorama has taken approximately three decades to work out what some of us sussed out the first time we clapped eyes on an arcade machine in the early eighties is investigative journalism at its most biting. In other news, food is pretty tasty, and some people eat too much of it.

In fairness, some people are just plain stupid and do things to excess, but is that the fault of videogames and the people that make them? Should we be encouraging them to make them less entertaining so that we can go back to smashing up bus stops for kicks? I don't know about you, but I've got a particular bone to pick with those irresponsible folk at HBO for continuing to make TV shows that render me powerless, and nail me to a chair for hours at at a time. Sometimes, I feel literally paralysed with entertainment.

And on that note, let me introduce you to a fine selection of downloadable treats that might just do the same to you.

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Langdell loses his Edge trademarks

Must write to people he pursued to say so.

"Nuisance litigator" Timothy Langdell has been stripped of his 'edge', 'cutting edge' and 'gamer's edge' trademarks after a legal battle with EA.

Langdell war "not over yet" - Mobigame

"I bet more good news will follow."

EA's recent victory against trademark hound Tim Langdell was "extremely good news" for the developer of iPhone puzzle game EDGE, but the war "it is not over yet".

Mobigame confident of Edge victory

Trademarks to "almost certainly be revoked".

Mobigame and Connect2Media believe Edge Games has no "enforceable" registered trademark in the UK or the US and that Tim Langdell's company has "misrepresented" what it does own.

Mobigame: Langdell's lawyers have "fled"

Defiance was a "strong signal to everyone".

Mobigame boss David Papazian has told Eurogamer that the tide has turned against Tim Langdell and his Edge videogame-name lawsuits, and hopes no other developer "will ever hear of him again".

Mobigame may keep EDGE name

iPhone dev has "overwhelming support".

Mobigame claims to have "overwhelming support" in the EDGE versus Tim Langdell/Edge Games argument, and appears to be considering keeping the EDGE name for its acclaimed iPhone game after all.

iPhone Roundup

iPhone Roundup

Drop7, EDGE, newtonica2 and Jetset.

At the end of 2008, we thought we'd try and do away with roundups. On the one hand, they're a useful way of picking through the games we might otherwise miss out. On the other hand, there's usually a good reason for missing them out, and if we're interested enough to write about something, why not give it a day in the sun?

With the iPhone, though, there's just no avoiding it. Not only are the games far more numerous than their DS and PSP counterparts, but they're often much cheaper and smaller, too, and the quality level is rising. The bigger and better ones will get their own reviews - everyone wave to Rolando! - but we want to get through as many of the good and interesting ones as possible, if only to justify the itemised App Store bills that keep piling up on my desk. So here's some of the stuff I've been obsessing over lately.


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