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New Medal of Honor due in autumn

US fans can pre-order now.

Electronic Arts has revealed the next Medal of Honor game will be released in the "fall".

That's according to the publisher's website, where US gamers can pre-order the title already.

"Operating directly under the National Command Authority, a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors are called on when the mission must not fail," reads the blurb. "They are the Tier 1 Operators."

Of America's 2 million airmen, marines, soldiers, sailors, tinkers and tailors, not the last two, just 50,000 fall under the control of Special Operations Command.

"The Tier 1 Operator functions on a plane of existence above and beyond even the most highly trained Special Operations Forces. Their exact numbers, while classified, hover in the low hundreds." The top one per cent of the top one per cent of the top one per cent then, probably. We can't do maths.

The new MOH has been inspired by these "living, breathing, precision instruments of war", and even developed with the help of some of them. "Players will step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan." Topical.

There's more gubbins on the new Medal of Honor website.

Medal of Honor is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.