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Aliens vs Predator given UK date

Three editions to arrive in February.

SEGA plans to release Aliens vs Predator here on 19th February 2010.

And on that day three versions of the PC, PS3 and 360 game will await your pick.

There's a self-explanatory Standard Edition; a tin-encased Survivor Edition that comes with a post-launch DLC map code; and a Hunter Edition, which has all of that plus facehugger model, Weylund Yutani sleeve badge and 3D lenticular postcard.

Those details and the date are reported on MCV. SEGA has no comment to offer at present.

Aliens vs Predator aims to recreate the iconic shooter of old on today's technology, overseen by original developer Rebellion. The game drew large crowds at the Eurogamer Expo 2009 and for good reason.

Check out our impressions of the game from the show to find out more.