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2K officially unveils Spec Ops: The Line

Sandy third-person shooter from Yager.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

2K has officially unveiled Spec Ops: The Line for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

German developer Yager is at the controls (and not 2K Boston as previously rumoured), and is producing a third-person shooter about a US special forces unit entering a post-disaster Dubai in search of a rogue US officer.

In the launch trailer, the player is needled by this rogue chap's voiceover, which suggests he's gone a bit Apocalypse Now in the process.

The trailer also showcases the environmental difficulties players will face. Dubai has been covered by a vast sandstorm, and the sand reacts to the game's physics, draining through broken skylights and surging over enemies when encouraged by explosives.

The teaser site continues the build-up, promising a "provocative" adventure where players have to make grim decisions as the extent of their former comrade's behaviour becomes apparent. The corpses hung upside down by lampposts in the trailer hint at what's to come.

Look out for a full Spec Ops: The Line preview soon. The game has yet to be dated.

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