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GT creator completes 25-hour race

Too much?

Gran Turismo helmsman Kazunori Yamauchi has taken his love of motorsport to the next level by completing a 25-hour endurance race, reports Kotaku.

Yamauchi was driving for the Spoon Sports team in the race at Thunder Hill Raceway in California, in what looks like a Honda Civic to us. He drove in shifts with two race drivers and a motoring journalist.

"Not having a lot of experience in circuit driving, and not knowing what to expect in a 25-hour race, I was very relieved to find that I was able to reduce the 20-second gap between my lap times and my team-mates' at the beginning of the practice to almost zero at the start of the final race", Yamauchi boasted.

"It was a great feeling to confirm first-hand that Gran Turismo has a positive effect in not just learning specific tracks, but also in raising the level of driving technique in the drivers themselves," added the on-message Polyphony Digital head.

Gran Turismo 5 is due out some time next year. There's a time trial demo currently available on PSN, which Digital Foundry has already taken apart, or you could wind the clock back to E3 for our interview with the man of the moment.