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Alien Breed PC/PS3 sort of dated

Following 360 version over 6 months.

Team17 has revealed that its download remake, Alien Breed Evolution, will be released on PC in the first quarter of 2010, and on PS3 in the second quarter.

The word came from the studio's Mark Baldwin in an interview with GamerZines.

Alien Breed Evolution will, however, appear on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, 16th December. Baldwin explained that the initial exclusivity to Xbox 360 was down to Team17's good relationship with Microsoft.

"To be honest, because of the success we had on the 360 with Worms, it made perfect sense to approach Microsoft with Alien Breed first. We were considering the episodic approach and wanted to talk to people who had experienced it, and Microsoft were really good. We had some great discussions and things just moved on from there," he said.

Alien Breed Evolution, a remake of the Amiga's classic co-op shooter, will be released as a trilogy. Hands-on impressions and more at the gamepage.