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Alien Breed is trilogy, out October

Cost around USD 2.5m to make.

Alien Breed Evolution will be released in three parts, beginning around October, and features approximately 15 hours of gameplay according to Team17 boss Martyn Brown.

Speaking at Develop today, Brown said the trilogy would cost around USD 2.5 million to produce and had been in development by a team of about 30 people for "around 14-15 months".

"It makes it one of the most expensive digital titles to date," Brown said of the game, which is due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 and offers a combination of single-player campaign and co-operative gameplay.

You can see how it looks in our Alien Breed Evolution screenshot gallery, and will be able to check out our hands-on impressions soon.

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Alien Breed Evolution

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Alien Breed: Impact


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