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Live Army of Two 2 Q&A on Thursday

Producer Reid Schneider answering you.

What would you like to know about Army of Two sequel The 40th Day? Because you'll have a chance to find on Thursday when we sit producer Reid Schneider down for a live Q&A on Eurogamer.

We'll begin our chat at 4pm GMT sharp, but you'll have a chance to input questions an hour beforehand, enabling our moderator to stockpile and prepare for Schneider.

This Q&A is timed to coincide with the release of the Army of Two: The 40th Day demo on Thursday. Hopefully you'll be able to quiz the developer while your sampler downloads or whiz through the demo and quiz Schneider about what you've just played.

Army of Two: The 40th Day rejoins Salem and Rios as they enthusiastically romp through the conflict-strewn streets of Shanghai, covering each other's backs with more grace than Torvill and Dean.

The full game's out, like so many other promising titles, early next year (15th January). Find out more in oóur recent hands-on impressions of Army of Two: The 40th Day.

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