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Greenberg: Crackdown 2 in early 2010


US Microsoft bigwig Aaron Greenberg has described Crackdown 2 as a first-half 2010 game.

Speaking on the Major Nelson podcast, he said 2010 "hands down will be a bigger year than 2009", and of that he has "no doubt".

"It's funny looking back at the first half of 2009: what made that interesting was that we had a lot of big DLC content," said Greenberg. "What's different about 2010 is we have, starting in January, a triple-A exclusive title pretty much every month for the first half of the year.

"You got Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell [Conviction], Alan Wake, you got Crackdown 2, we know we've got things like Fable III and Halo: Reach coming later in the year. And that's just the exclusives! That doesn't include things like Final Fantasy XIII.

"There's no way we had a first half of the year like that this year," he added. "While we had Modern Warfare 2, which was awesome and the biggest title of the year, knowing that Halo: Reach will be that big daddy for us is very exciting as well.

Crackdown 2 had been penned for a vague 2010 release, suggesting autumn. Good news, then, and a perfect opportunity to steer you towards our recently written hands-on impressions of Crackdown 2.